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The planning and realization of building projects –whether new buildings, alterations or restorations – is a complex business with many influencing factors and technical options. In addition there are financial and timing risks. Therefore it is good to have a partner who can be trusted without limitation and who joins you during this process.

Since 1973, the K+S engineers realised more than 2000 projects in Germany and abroad, in the sector of technical building services, general planning and project management. So if you are planning to realize a project and you need some assistance for coverage of a project, get in touch with us.
It is our pleasure.

Our claim: We promise nothing we cannot keep

We identify ourselves with the expectations and goals of our clients and handle their budgets and resources with responsibility. The result: Satisfied customers often become long-term partners. A large part of our projects are follow-up orders or they are based on personal recommendations.

Good cooperation of all involved ensures a good project

In the building industry a multitude of building experts with complex tasks often meets the first time in a project. To understand each other and to develop solutions is extremely important for the success of a project.
Therefore it is extremely important for us to have personal conversation and contact to our clients.

Experience is

Lutz Kremer
Dipl.-Ing. at K+S

Jens Kunstmann


Capture the issue
Understand the background

Technical building services

Nice, if a building impresses
Even better when everything functions perfectly

The technical building equipment becomes increasingly important in the realisation of a building.
Energy efficiency will help to improve the value, profitability and sustainability of a building and extend it’s life cycle.
Air, water, light, energy, communication and safety have to satisfy high demands.
We understand the client with his standards and help to optimize costs and construction time.

We focus on the people

Health, hygiene and comfort are demands to our daily environment.
In this case technology adopts important duties. It increasingly gets more comprehensive, it offers safety and guarantees advanced features.

The smart building connects the building with the environment and humans.
That is an important part of our mission.

General planning

One partner for everything

At some of our projects the technical aspect and the function of the building is essential and has a significant effect on the architecture.
In those cases, it makes sense to plan the building according to the technical demands. Our experience has shown, that these projects are more efficient if the general planning has been done by K+S engineers.

That way interdependencies between architecture and technique become optimal solutions, which incorporate both disciplines.

By use of our experience and competent contact with our technical facilities, we provide a high level of creative freedom for our architecture team.
This way we have realized buildings, whose planning is based on technical demands and at the same time created architecture, which is no less impressive.

If everything works fine at the end,
it’s a job well done

If K+S engineers adopt the general planning of a project, it means less time and less costs, because everything works hand in hand from development to execution: Architecture, statics, technical building equipment, fire protection and the integration of special experts.

A content client
is the best,
we can achieve

Ronald Kohlhause
Dipl.-Ing., Authorized Officer at K+S

Project management

Old hands with smart ideas

The development of buildings- from planning to implementing – is a complex process with many influencing factors and potential sources of error, which can cost money and time.

Discipline in all phases of a project is the requirement for smooth transactions with defined costs and time schedules.
Our goal is to arrange and plan developments and time schedules and identify and eliminate any errors.
This applies to us but also to the cooperation with all involved.
Through our longtime experience and the diversity of our projects we have developed routines for costs, time schedules and to guarantee the implementation.
This way we ensure a maximum of safety, but also flexibility, which is necessary, if sequences or fixed appointments have to be changed.


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The energy revolution
starts with
smart buildings


Kremer + Scheib
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K+S supports me
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Thomas Steinau
Technical Building
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